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The best strategy to win any wordle game.

  • The first word you enter should be one that has a lot of vowel. Why? Because every word has vowels, so you would be able to find some hints in the first try.
  • As soon as you enter the first word in the game, you would get the background color change that indicates if the letters are present in the hidden word and if their position is right.
  • Enter the word in our Solver.
    You can click on a certain letter to change the background color to match the colors of the word in the game.

    Click once on a letter to change to yellow.

    Click twice on a letter to change the color to green.

    Click the "X" to delete one word.

    Sometimes you just have to wait 2 seconds for the color change to take place.

  • Our Wordle Solver will give you 2 sets of words. In the first one are suggestion of the best next word. If you put one of these words in the game, you will gather much more information needed to find the hidden word. In the next set of words are words that have the best chance to be the hidden word. In the beggining both lists of words will be long, but as soon as you enter more words in the solver, the list will be reduced to just one word, the hidden word.
  • Enter the suggestion words in the game, get the feedback colors and then put the same words in the solver. The more words you put in the solver, the more easy it is to find the hidden word. Usually it takes just 3 tries to find the hidden word, you have 6 tries in the Wordle game. So you'll be able to find the answer to any wordle game.

Wordle Solver example

It is better to understand the concept if we give you an example.

We were trying to find the answer to Wordle #266 on the NYT (date March 13th, 2022)

We began by entering our preferred starting word, IRATE. A and T background changed to yellow, no green letters. So the next letter we entered was ABOUT, since it contains the letters A and T. What we get is no green letters, O with yellow background.

So the hidden word contains the letters A,O and T. We couldn't think of a word satisfying the above conditions, so we used Wordle Solver. We entered the 2 words, IRATE and ABOUT. Clicked on the letters to change the background letters as in the image.

wordle solver

The system already gave us 8 possibilities for the hidden word: Today, Octal, Total, Topaz, Talon, Tonga, Tango, Tonal.

We thought “Today”, might be the hidden word. We were right. The New York Times wordle #266 of March, 13th 2022 was TODAY.

NYT wordle answer

If “Today” was not the right answer we would have added that word to the Solver and get other information to reduce the number of possibilities.

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